“Focus your attention on…

“Focus your attention on the path just ahead of you and on the One who never leaves your side.”

from Saray Young’s, “Jesus Calling”

After a long and productive 40 year career, Jim is retiring on Friday!  It came up on us somewhat suddenly, when HP offered him a modest package!  We were thinking of retiring soon, but were worried about health care.  When that became part of the package, we grabbed the opportunity.

It is happening a bit sooner than we had planned.  We were thinking Spring of 2013, but the package pushed it to Feb of 2013.  Then a medical incident with Jim that resulted from quite a bit of stress at work, BP meds and a virus, caused us to plan on retiring by the end of Sept – which is THIS FRIDAY!

Anxiety, excitement, fear – YES…. all of those have become the  topics of our conversations as of late, but as it gets closer, the excitement is becoming the primary feeling!

All along, Jim has said that I need to “help him retire”, as I have helped all along  with his career.  So….that will be my full time job!

My first assignment will involve creating a real cut-off of the work, and a vacation-like beginning to the retirement.   We’ve discussed a Mediterranean Cruise to kick it off, but are choosing a far more reasonable, yet fun way to begin.  We will go on a ROAD TRIP, which we love to do!  We need to check off some bucket list items on this trip, so it is still in the planning stages!

Our ultimate plan is to sell the house and move to Portland, where our kids and grandchild (soon to be grandchildren) live!  We plan to get the basement ready to sell before our Road Trip – which will make for a  very busy week next week.

I am very excited about all that is ahead of us in this New Chapter to our lives!  Everything will change!  I’m so glad that we are looking for God’s plan and timing in this matter, because it is WAY too overwhelming right now!

Can/Can’t wait!  It is bittersweet! (like my favorite chocolate:)Image

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6 thoughts on ““Focus your attention on…

  1. Reply test!


  2. Nancy spalding

    So happy for you and will be praying for you both.


  3. Nancy Sluka

    I knew it was coming but I too have to get ready to let go of you two for a while. I know God’s direction will be foremost in your minds when making upcoming decisions that’s why I have to rejoice with you. I will miss your smiling face in the halls of church and can’t imagine not seeing you at your piano in the sanctuary and listening to the heavenly music you bring forth every Sunday. Love and prayers, Nancy


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