The LONG Road Home!

Day 8 of our Retirement Trip: We woke early to begin what we thought would be an 11 and a half hour drive  home to Grosse Pointe Park.  It turned out to be 13 and a half hours!

We enjoyed the time together….Jim driving while I knitted, read, blogged, FB’d, played games – a few to help him keep  awake (Trivia, Name the State Capitals, Family Feud) and listened to music.

We traveled through 13  states!!! I had no idea when we started that we would go through so many!  Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama (theres nothing there :), Mississippi (nothing there either when on the highway), Tennessee, Arkansas (nothing here either :), Illinois, Indiana, Michigan – again!

All along the way, I think we both re-discovered the people we were when we got married!  Once again, there was the great sense of humor, flirting and fun that we used to enjoy all the time!  Funny how life and work and stress can muffle that!  I think we’ll be able to manage retiriment together, not only just manage – but truly enjoy it!  Thanks for coming along on our Journey!

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