Niagara Falls November 2012 – 2 day DASH!

Our 4th Honeymoon – I guess while we are retired would be a great
time to “practice”  being on a Honeymoon!  Well, at least review great Honeymoon
locations!  A scant 5 hour drive and we could be at Niagara Falls!
Ready…set… Let’s  GO!!!

We arrived at 2 and Jim checks out the Casino,
while I check out the shopping, how to see the Falls (after all, that’s why we
are here, eh?) and where to go for dinner.  We really don’t need a fancy,
expensive dinner, but a view of the falls would be nice.  At the Hilton, where
we are staying,  is a Lounge where we can listen to music and relax after
9:30…. So we can do that later and opt for a more reasonable

While waiting for our room to be ready, we did the aforementioned
activities and then walked to view the Falls and got SOAKED!  The Mist from the
falls was like a downpour…with the sun shining….rainbows everywhere! And we
weren’t even on the walkway CLOSE to the falls.

We have a lovely room on the 41st floor with a view of the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and
Horseshoe Falls! I love seeing how the view changes throughout the day as the
sun shifts.

Dinner was at the Canyon Creek Chophouse, also with views of
both falls.  What a lovely night, capped off with a night cap at the Myst Lounge
in the hotel, with more excellent views!  Had my first Martini ever – a
Marshmallow Martini – tasted like dessert in a glass!

After breakfast in the hotel, we went down to the Falls and took the Journey Behind the Falls
Tour.  It took us under Horseshoe Falls and we could see them coming down right
in front if us!  The sound is thunderous!  What amazing power water is!  How much more amazing is the power of God, it’s Creator!

(Listen to them and watch the falls by clicking on this link to YouTube:)


We then wended our way north to Niagara-On-The-Lake, a 30 minute drive through Niagara Canada’s lovely vineyards and along the Niagara River which borders the US.   NOTL is a quaint. lovely village.  Just beyond the town the Niagara River goes directly into Lake Ontario.  It was such a clear day we could see the Toronto Skyline in the distance across Lake Ontario!


We then walked through town and decided to go in and check out the Prince of Wales Hotel – it’s charm was calling us!  It was built in 1863, Jim figured during the Civil War – but we were kindly corrected by the young man in the lobby – that it was AFTER the War of 1812….to them!



The lobby was lit with antique chandeliers, the floors were gleaming inlaid wood, the walls were covered in a bronzed plaster and portraits of sargeants and generals were ornately framed on the walls!  The lobby welcomed visitors with hand carved wood chairs.  Afternoon “tea” was being served in the Dining Room – but we felt we were a bit underdressed!  After window shopping the old town stores, which included a Wayne Gretzky Wine Tasting room, we had a lovely lunch at the Shaw Cafe.

Comfortably satiated from the lunch and the wonderful two-day whirlwind tour of Niagara, Canada, we decided it was time to make our way home…..past vineyards, and into the sunset leading to Sarnia!

I would totally recommend this trip as a Honeymoon!

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