Charlevoix – Last Hurrah Road Trip!



12461 Antrim Road
Home of Shirley Stewart (alias MotherDear/GrandmaDear)

It all began with the thought, “where should we go for four days during the Estate Sale?”

Well, Jim’s mom needed an escort back to her Summer home at Antrim Dells, we needed a get-a-way….what better place than to revisit Charlevoix and NW Michigan….a place we have loved since the early 70’s!

Little Traverse Bay

Little Traverse Bay

I drove our car with Nicky in the back seat (poor dog hates the car) and Jim and his mom drove ahead up I75 in Shirley’s Jeep. After a few stops, one at our favorite Cracker Barrel (well, MY favorite), and plodding through terrible rains, we arrived at about 3 pm.

Dinner was at the Weathervane, one of Shirley’s and Staugaard’s favorites. It was built by Earl Young, who built the quaint Craftsman Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix beginning in 1918. I love the huge stone fireplace that is unique to his Mushroom Style!


“Mushroom” Firelplace built by Earl Young


Channel next to the Weathervane


Dinner in Charlevoix

Friday, we decided to take a drive down memory lane, beginning with a visit to the Brownwood via East Torch Lake. Summers were spent with the kids swimming in freezing cold Torch lake, Elk Lake, Norwood beach, Bay Access from the house or even Bay View Country Club, until Amy and I found out it was private – oops! In the 70’s, Jim and I used to go to The Brownwood on Friday evenings when there was a restaurant and a great cover band. Fun times!

The Brownwood was closed but we found the little shop on our return trip in another location.20130420-164028.jpg

We drove through Alden – a lovely, quaint little Northern Michigan town with cute boutiques and cafes.

On the way to Traverse City, on 72 before going through Acme, we passed the Stained Glass Cabinet Company, where we bought many oak and stained glass pieces for our house. They are timeless, but the glass has not withstood the wrestling of our kids! Richard Breuning began the shop in the 70’s and it is still going strong. He was an Alum from South Lake High School, Jim’s and my Alma Mater.

Traverse City was SO cold and windy and, YES, snowy! We only walked one block when we sought out a coffee shop to warm up! Years ago, in Jim’s Digital days, we used to visit often when we stayed in Glen Arbor at the Old Homestead for reward weekends.


On a COLD street of shops in Traverse City
Our shop – Stewart’s!


Kelsey’s Dining Room

We had dinner at Kelsey’s, formerly Nannys on Lake Charlevoix. The sun started to come out, the Whitefish was yummy and the Cheesy Dill biscuits were outstanding!


The sun, finally, at Kelsey’s near Lake Charlevoix

Today is Saturday, and we had breakfast at Juilleret’s, our favorite breakfast spot for over 20 years, where they have the BEST French Toast made on their home made cinnamon bread! Although we were the only customers, being Winter, the food did not fail us! Yum!


Juilleret’s Charlevoix


Blueberry Pancake
Plate Size – sold one at a time!


BEST French Toast
made with home made Cinnamon Bread

In the afternoon we drove north on 31 to Petosky.. Along the way, in about 1988-9, I used to bring Jon and his buddies up here to go skateboard the half pipe way back behind the Big Boys that used to be on the south side of 31 between Charlevoix and Petosky.

Many memories go through my mind as we drive along the little Traverse Bay. Amy and I spent a weekend with her cousins Abby and Todd and uncle Rob a couple of summers ago at their Condo near Petosky.


Juilleret’s Homemade Cinnamon Bread
YES – I brought some home 🙂

The sun came out after we got there and had lunch at Roast and Toast, a very Portlandish little place! We walked Nicky up and down the streets of shops after lunch in the sunshine.


The General Store in Petoskey



Inside the General Store

We passed the lunch place, now closed, where we used to go with the kids to get sandwiches then eat them and throw frisbees at the park next door. We used to always meet at the bench outside the General Store. They don’t make stores like that anymore! Then I bought a few things to help stage Shirley’s house for sale. Then….back to home base.

I think our time here is close to being over. It was great to be here and reminisce, but it’s time to get back to GPP and the job ahead of us! Pack and GO!

When we got home, we found out our Estate Sale was a HUGE success!  We raised enough money to pay for our new furniture out in Portland, our Moving Van and our Trip from Michigan to the Pacific North West!


Retun from Petoskey
along Little Traverse Bay
Beautiful Blues and Greens!

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