Nicky’s Journey with Jan and Jim

Thursday, May 2


Dad and me waiting to leave in my Backyard

Well, after five wonderful years of scouting the half acre backyard, squirrel and bunny control and pond care, mom and dad have decided to get rid of all my beds (couches and cushy chairs), sweep up the floor and live in the car! I don’t quite get it. I HATE the car! But I guess I will act happy cuz the other option was to put me in this awful crate and make me fly up in the sky with the hawks!


1343 Three Mile Drive

We left our big beautiful house at 10:15 in the morning. I think Momma had a little tear in her eye when she got into the overly packed car after locking the door for the last time. Lucky me, though. I have the WHOLE back seat with my bed and blankets. I can scratch them into a nice ball and have a good, long nap!



I had not eaten breakfast, so my smart Momma got me some lovely rice pilaf soaked in Chicken broth to add to my kibble! That was yummy! I pooped and peed at the rest stops, which made them happy, and ate my gourmet lunch! I’ll do anything to keep them from putting me in that awful crate and sending me into the sky!

They kept getting out and going into restaurants and leaving me in the car to smell the smells of Cracker Barrel (lunch time) and Culvers (dinner).



When we arrived in Des Moines, there was snow everywhere! that was fun, bit i really thought spring had come. We spent the night in a strange place that looks like a mini-house! (Towne Plaza Des Moines). It had really cool smells and I could hunt the perimeter – not quite as good as my yard, but fun all the same. I slept well at the foot of the bed with my bedding and blankets.

Friday, May 3

This morning they took me to a doggy doctor. Thank goodness, cuz my eye had been irritated, but I didn’t know how to tell them. Momma saw my eye was red. Doctor Craig at Value Vet was miraculously available to see me right away and removed the piece of grass that was lodged in my cornea. Must have have gotten there after my last dip in the pond and roll in the day lilies! It feels so much better! My doggie angels were taking care of me cuz if left unattended, I could have gotten a bad, huge ulcer and infection and maybe lost my eyesight. He was so kind and gentle with me. I love him!! Thank you, Lord for putting us just a mile away, and making Dr Craig available!

We are back on the road, and I am napping after my ordeal this morning!

Momma and dad stopped at this cool Gorilla place and brought me teasing taste of lamb….it’s awful now! The whole car smells like it. Guess ill have a good supper!

We arrived in Cheyenne after about 11 hours on the road. Mom and Dad went into a Steakhouse to get me some more leftovers! Chicken Fried Steak and the best Bison Burger in the West (according to Bobby Flay – whoever that is!) …. They added some to my dinner! Yum!

We were exhausted, slept well at Candlewood Hotel and got ready for my big adventure the next day!

Saturday, May 4 (May the 4th be with you – ha ha!)


Me on the train at the Bison Ranch

Instead of leaving me in the car, mom and dad decided to bring me on the train with them at the Bison ranch. Well, after being scared to death and trembling when the train started and made lots of noise, I got used to it! It was SO cool! All these animals came up to the train. First we saw Mustangs adopted from the wild that they trained, then some Camels who were very hungry! THEN, the huge Bison! It was really fun. I didn’t even bark! We fed them and they ate right from mom and dad’s hands! They didn’t let me feed them. They said that I could be Bison Feed if I got too close! Ha! They were six baby Bison nursing from their mamas!

Now we are back on the road headed to Salt Lake City. Ah! Nap time!

Dad got us upgraded to this really cool room – almost like a mini-apartment! It has a huge bedroom AND and huge living room/office with a huge sectional sofa – great for jumping and rolling on!

We went out walking looking for a place for dinner where they might allow dogs. We found a hamburger place that had outdoor seating and they said I could be there if I didn’t bother the peeps next to us. I was really good until the two big dogs at the other end were fed burgers by their daddy! In front of ME! I whined quite a bit, and then got a few good morsels myself! It was a great time, being there WITH them instead of in the car waiting!

Our room had a cool spot for me to sleep at the foot of the King bed. I got to be close to Momma and Daddy but didn’t have to get kicked every time I moved a bit!

Sunday, May 5

Next day Momma went to the Tabernacle to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – Music and the Spoken Word program. Dad waited with me because “No Dogs Allowed!”, but she told me all about it. She said it was beautiful inside and this was the 4,000th (plus) radio recording since the 1920’s! There were 360 singers dressed in lilac long dresses for the ladies and black suits for the men. There also was a full orchestra and a 5 rank organ. They sang beautifully, many songs Momma already knew! She was a little disappointed to not be able to sing the Battle Hymn congregation part at the end!

After, we walked all around the lovely gardens and lots of people said I was a beautiful dog and took my picture!

We drove to Park City in the mountains that afternoon. It was a quaint little ski resort town. I had to stay in the car while the ‘rents had lunch, but then we walked a bit. The sights of the mountains were wonderful as we drove back. This is the area where mom’s good friend’s ashes were spread. Now I know why she would want to be there. It’s beautiful. I can imagine how beautiful it was when they let the balloons go into the air!

Momma and daddy got real brave here in SLC and left me in the room a few times to go have meals. As far as they know, I behaved really well (hee hee!). Guess its a good time to start as they tell me we will live in a place like this in Portland. They didn’t like having to get up at 5 am and take me down the elevator and outside when I had to do my business though. Oh well, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!!

Momma and I spent a little time sunning outside by the pool in the late afternoon. I’m learning how to be a city dog!!! I’m adapting really well, momma says!!

Monday, May 6

Travel day. We are driving from SLC to Boise. Momma didn’t have time to feed me, so they picked up a hot dog at one of our stops. That was yummy, although when she gave me the same thing later for dinner, I threw up all over the back seat, my blankets and my bed!! What a mess, but momma never gets mad at me….she loves me and felt bad that I didn’t feel good. She’s also very proud of how I traveled so far!

We arrived at Boise, drove past Boise State University (daddy says MSU beat them last year), then they ate at one of Guy Fieri’s recommended Restaurants – Pizzalchik! They said the salad was most amazing with a dollap of all their little home made salads on top of greens and topped with pickled root veggies! Also, the pizza was thin crusted and yummy! Personally, I didn’t feel good, so i didn’t have any. First time i was sick on this whole trip!

After a good rest, we started on our LAST leg of the trip!

Tuesday, May 7

We got a bit of a slow start (i think daddy’s tired of driving – me too). It wasn’t long before we entered Oregon. They tell me this will be HOME! Can’t wait to get Home! I think it’s been really good for me to travel with mom and dad. Momma says it will make the transition to Apartment/City life lots easier for all of us! Now, I’m used to “going” when we go out on the leash…..almost on demand! Sure would be nice to run free in some grass soon, though. Momma says I can do that at Dog Parks and with Blue at Amy’s house and with Lucy at Jon and Lindsay’s house! That will be fun!

Right now, momma says she’s looking for our first peak at Mt Hood. It’s a clear day and it should be beautiful! We are starting to see the white caps of the Cascade range so it won’t be long now!

OK! Mom and dad are getting a little heeled about something – something about the last 200 miles of the trip – arriving at 4 pm PST.

We stopped for lunch at McDonalds –
It’s fast and something about they won’t be eating like that in Portland. What?! It’s hot here! The sky is beautiful. Well, no Big Macs for Nicky! Guess they think I might throw up!

It was exciting (momma says) to come into the familiar drive to Portland as residents, in our own car. it was wxciting to see Mt Hood for the first
time as we came around the bend!

Then we passed sights like Multnomah Falls, , the fish hatchery, and Beacon Rock before entering city traffic. Momma made a cool video of us arriving at our apartment building, but was interrupted by a phone call. You get the idea though.

The kids had prepared a warm welcome for us! Jon and Benjamin painted cool welcome posters, had champagne and strawberries and some chairs for us to use till our furniture gets here.

We had pizza he brought and baked for us! He also supplied the apartment with paper products and TP! Later Amy brought over a colorful hassock, a pottery vase with flowers and some more camping chairs!!!

We were so tired after the long drive and all the festivities, it wasn’t hard to fall asleep in the new bed – all three of us!!

We thank God for our family and friends and for a safe “Westward Ho!” trip to Portland!












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