Our Grandparents!

My Grandpa, the Red Cardinal,

To my favorite Grandpa whose life was long lived, long loved, adventurous, loyal, giving, gentle, sweet, musical, hard-working, truthful, and mostly, incredibly patient. I remember my Grandparents big backyard on Edgewood, with a jungle gym that I climbed until it rusted into pieces, a row of shrubs where I created imaginary stand up stringed basses from, numerous gigantic trees that providing shade in the summer, and the abundance of leaves my grandpa would rake into piles for my brother and I to play hide and go seek in the fall. Many summers were spent here, with Grandpa working hard to heat up the grill and cook the best Fluegge Burgers for all of his family and friends. On hot summer days I’d go in their basement and marvel at his grandiose National Geographic collection stacked from floor to ceiling.mom amy dad

Many weekends, I’d spend the night and grandma and grandpa would tuck Jon and I into the freezing cold sheets, try to rub us warm and then kiss us goodnight. We would wake in the morning to ½ grapefruit and a grapefruit spoon, yummy oatmeal and orange juice.  After breakfast, Grandpa would shave his beard and come over his wispy balding head, and off we’d go to church. Grandpa was the Deacon at Ebenezer and it always made me proud to sit next to my grandma and watch my grandpa walk the isles during service. He and grandma would sing in the choir and my grandpa had the best vibrato. His voice was so smooth, and so was his whistle. I loved to watch my grandpa’s lips quiver up and down while he whistled patriotic songs and hymns. Grandpa drove me to piano lessons every Monday. I remember sitting in his warm Buick as I quickly finished my music theory homework. My mom, grandma and grandpa and I drove that old Buick all the way to Florida and somehow attached a U-haul to it. We drove 50 mph the entire way and Grandpa caught all of his road snacks in his glasses and on his belly. When we arrived late at night, I unpacked most of their belongings into their Florida home. Many years were spent visiting them, lounging in the pool, floating around and talking to all of their old friends. Grandpa would enter us in Shuffle Board tournaments and we spent many evenings playing card games.  We’d take boat rides and walks near the Florida lakes and Grandpa would admire the herons, whistle at the birds and attempt to identify small ones through his binoculars. His favorite bird was the Red Cardinal, of which he shares similar qualities. The brilliant scarlet plumage juxtaposed to the grey winter sky, reminds me of my grandpa’s vibrant voice, sweet and gentle demeanor and his warm and unconditional love for his many friends, family and loved ones. I love you Grandpa and I will forever admire your gentleness, loyalty and patience.

See you soon again,



Jon ben and grandmaHow can oatmeal taste so good?

Oats are so creamy, perfect crater on top to hold the scoops of melted butter and brown sugar, and of course whole cream creating a perfect pool of sweetness.

Was it because it was served as a bedtime snack?  I’ve tried to recreate this dish multiple times with no success. I never
actually saw how it was made. I’m sure that only a grandma’s love can make dishes taste so good!

Love you grandma!=


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