Grandpa Initiation by Fire!


Grandpa initiation by fire! Jim was dropping me off at Amy’s school on a “watch-the-grands” day to help with her after school art club.

I had packed a grandpa bag: snacks for kids, toys, he was set with music to play/sing in the car, diapers and wipes (just in case!)

Half hour ride with Lilia I’m the car was fab! Singing and partying to Twinkle Twinkle!

Ride to pick up Benjamin at school…eventful! They got there early and waited in the car – quite mellow.

Got Lil out of car to go in to get B, she started screaming. Don’t know why. As she calmed down, he saw the teacher take B by the hand and talk to him….he was crying. Not good. Wasn’t following Jim to car. I want my Daddy! I want my Mommy. Jim says follow me, I’ll take you to daddy! He followed.

Proceeded toward home…looked in rear view mirror as Lil proceeds to vomit and spew all over!

He stopped to clean her up – then she was fine. B was fine. Began eating the snacks. Soon Benjamin says, “Grandpa, I’m sorry I cried!” (Aw…)

All was well till entering the house. Jon was home amd said. “Nicky pooped in the house”! Jim says, “That’s ok! Lilia puked in the car! We’re even!”

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