Happy New Year 2015!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas Holiday celebrating the birth of our Lord with family and friends.  And ….. wish and pray for you a healthy and happy New Year.jiim me dec 14

Amongst our travels, Jim and I  were able to spend some time on Vancouver Island, Canada this past summer,  and later we visited Astoria, Oregon, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.

Amy and I took a fantastic Alaska Cruise this past summer as well (we got in on a great friends-and-family deal).  It was absolutely breathtaking…..and spending over a full week with her was incredible!hot tub me and amykayaking

After a year and a half living here in Portland, we finally feel like residents, having experienced our 2nd Christmas here.

I’ve asked myself…..What makes it feel like home?  Well, Jim is here 🙂  The kids include us in their lives and it just feels like family; We get to see Benjamin and Lilia 2-3 times per week – and when they come to the apartment, they walk in like it’s their home too! (You’ll have to get Benjamin’s permission to use “his” room if you come to visit!);


We have a “home” church and are getting to meet some people there;  I joined the gospel choir and that is quickly starting to feel like a musical family to me;  I have a couple of new lady friends that I’m anxious to get to know better;  We had a “Penthouse” Party the first weekend of December and 16 people showed up!!!  People here are starting to know us because of Nicky!  The Office Manager knows us by name and chats with us all the time!  Portland has become “home”!me and bjamin

Jim was able to go to see his team (MSU) play against the Oregon Ducks in Eugene. The outcomewas not what he would have liked, and they really need to get a handle on how to handle traffic around here….but it was great being with Jon & Lindsay all day!

msu game vs ducks

I started a new home business in Direct Sales this year with Jamberry Nails and it has grown like CRAZY, as I am now a Team Manager of 27 lovely ladies!  It’s an online Facebook business, and as Amy puts it – I’m on FB alot, so I may as well make some money at it!  It’s fun for me, paid for Christmas, and keeps me busy….busy enough so that Jim is learning how to cook much better and with a greater list of “go-to” meals than he had before!

me Nov 14

We are also blessed with wonderful “out-laws”!! Jon’s in-laws are lovely people who opened up their home to us in Rogue River to join them for Christmas this year.  It is the first time in about 16 years that we were able to be together as a complete – (and even completer family with Joe and Penny Carstensen) – family for Christmas!

We send prayers with this greeting for a wonderful year ahead and hope to see you somehow along the way!  You are always welcome here!



Lamplugh Glacier, Alaska

Jim and Jan Stewart

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