One year House-iversary! 

It’s been ONE YEAR already since we moved in here!  I can’t believe it!!  It’s the second chapter of our life in Portland! 

We now live an extra 15 minutes’ drive away from the Jon, Lindsay and the grandkids (depending on traffic, it could be an hour!), but are in some ways closer to Amy! 

Repairs, Renovations and Yardwork are our responsibility!  It hasn’t been too bad….we updated the kitchen somewhat, still need to do the bathrooms and landscaping in the back. For now, we are loving our HUGE yard, maintained by the golf course!!  

It is quiet out here, nearly to a fault! I’m loving the. It’s sounds, bullfrogs and geese noises! It’s quite a change from the rattling of the streetcar, sirens and traffic of downtown.  I have learned I can handle and love both!! 

I can see the sunrise and sunset in a much different way here, thankfully, and I would miss the views of each from our balconies downtown terribly if we didn’t !! I do miss the mountain views daily….but they are very much appreciated when we get to see them when we go downtown these days!  

We are much more relaxed with the lower energy-pace of the us community!  Downtown was loaded with the bustle of students, professionals going to and from work, the food carts (yeah – do miss them for a quick easy meal), and transients. 

I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that we have EVERYTHING here!  It is very much like suburbia, with all the convenience stores and big box stores right around the corner, that we had to get in the car to drive to from downtown. We were able to walk or streetcar nearly everywhere for what we needed downtown – coffee shops, entertainment, movies, restaurants and more.  Here, we really DO have to drive just about everywhere. 

Within about a 5 minute drive, we can be driving in some beautiful countryside, farm areas and vineyards!  We really love that! 

We have been able to join the 24 Hour Fitness center which is great for both of us!  And we can bicycle here – as the streets are less congested and bicycle friendly! 

While we need to join more in the social activities, we are slowly getting into a groove here, and meeting our neighbors, who are more like-minded to us!  I am playing piano for our community choir, Jim has golfed some (needs to do more I think ;)), I go to Women’s Club activities and we have joined in some of the other community events, like the Silent Auction and New Year’s Eve party! I love that! 

We are very happy we made this move, and are looking forward to becoming more melded into the community here!  Nicky is learning his boundaries and doing well with home ownership as well!! There are lovely places to walk, gardens to enjoy and friendly neighbors!  Yup! Glad we came here to Claremont Village!!

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