The Dollhouse Story

The Dollhouse Story, with Amy Stewart!

Once upon a time, there was an 11 year old girl who didn’t want us to sell her house and move to Grosse Pointe Park from St Clair Shores! She set out on a mission to keep her parents from selling their house, like flushing the toilets constantly so we couldn’t afford the water bill, turning on all the lights so we couldn’t afford the electricity bill, and packing her entire closet to “move” to grandma’s house so she would “show us” she wasn’t moving with us! (She unpacked, tho, when it was time for dinner!).

Then, one day in Royal Oak, her momma found this antique doll house that needed a lot of attention, bought it and hid it until moving day (somehow sneaking it into the basement of the new house 🏡 ). All the while tell the 11 yo there was a HUGE surprise for her at the new house! She was SO excited she couldn’t wait for us to close on the house! When we got the keys, she grabbed them and said, “I will be the one to unlock the door when we get there!”

After her excitement of the discovery, the FIRST thing we HAD to do, of course, was go to Ace Hardware and buy paint, and paint it on the picnic table out back, while the moving van and men were moving us in!! Priorities, of course!

The END of the story: the Dollhouse moved with us to Portland, but is no longer a member of the Stewart family. Sadly, there was no room for her in anyone’s house. And at that time, there was no little girl to enjoy it. I hope someone’s little girl is decorating it and playing with it happily, because we now have a little girl who I know would love it.

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