This Day! Right Now!

This day…right now….is why I am here! What is happening with you right now? Does it describe why you are where you are…and what you’re doing, and what your purpose is?

Amy and John just left our home after a delightful, spontaneous dinner, on their way home from the beach to pick up her car! Which was here because I spent two days with her, Sophie and her dogs at Cape Lookout, then drove it home! (Longer story!) We had such a lovely time at the beach, the dogs ran circles around each other as the sun set on the beach and a fantastic seafood dinner together as well.

This morning, we met Jon to deliver Lilia after a spontaneous sleepover where I got to do mani/pedis with her, dance at a concert with her, take her to the library, go swimming – and play nonstop at our home for the previous precious 24 hours!

If we still lived in Michigan, none of this would have happened! The moments with family, the new community of friends, the brief moments shared with Amy and Mary, my neighbor, who together share more than you would think a 93yo and 42yo would!

I feel so content, just knowing that I am where I need to be….this day….this moment….right now!

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One thought on “This Day! Right Now!

  1. Joan Watt

    So excited and happy for you!!! So much fun and great memories you’re making! So wonderful!!!


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