Bittersweet Fall

I have always had a Bittersweet, Love/Hate relationship with Fall. The warm colors of the leaves, Sunflowers, crisp, clear air, gorgeous blue skies and clouds draw me in like a warm comforter. .I remember the aromas of Cabbage Rolls and Chili Sauce as I walked home from school…. a block away from our house as mom would be cooking from the fall harvest for us, the family she loved! Oh, and let me not forget her Apple Crisp, the traditional fall dessert that I will keep making, hoping to instill sweet fall aromatic, culinary memories in my kids and grands! That’s the Sweet of Bittersweet!

The bitter part comes with the proclamation that summer has ended, and winter is ahead: my favorite season being wiped out by my least favorite. With it comes endless hours of football on tv (tho when it’s UM, I don’t mind!), cloudy skies and rain, staying indoors a lot (for a sun worshipper, that’s the toughest one!). But I’ll have to admit, going to the Pumpkin Patch with Lilia’s Kindergarten class, Saturday’s at the Farm Markets with all the fall bounty, and day trips to wine country is bound to lift my spirits! As well, a trip to the “canyons and Vegas in November, a possible trip to somewhere warm in mid winter, the fact that Portland is beautiful even in the rain…and sometimes, especially in the rain, the celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas with family….will all make the gray skies disappear, and the forecast of a Spring and another Summer Season will get me through! Happy Fall, and I’m reminding myself to find and enjoy the beauty of it all while it’s here!

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