Kevin – he’s why we are here!

Many of my friends may not know that this young man is the reason we live in Portland. He is the reason our grandkids were born here. He is the reason our son, Jonathan, moved here about 20 years ago. He is the reason Amy moved here shortly after. If it wasn’t for his deep friendship with Jon, we all wouldn’t be in the Pacific Northwest. Kevin Rauch (the Rauch Factor!) and Jon were best friends since High School, roommates in college at Western Michigan University sharing not only their rooms, but also their degrees! Both had a Bachelors Degree in Field Hydro Geolology. Kevin and Jeanean moved here, Jon visited them, then settled here shortly after. The rest is history. Kevin also was instrumental in getting both our kids to Rock Climb, which is where his first symptoms of ALS were made apparent. Kevin leaves behind his wonderful wife , Jeanean and son, Andrew, who we are happy to have the title of surrogate-PNW grandparents! His own grandparents, Tom & Judy Rauch, live in Michigan. We are so proud of how Jeanean keeps his dad alive for him and how he honors his father daily. He is an extremely gifted young man and loves music, singing and acting! If it weren’t for Kevin, I wonder where we would be?

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