Hostess Amy

Thansgiving 2013:

I’m thankful today for my beautiful, creative, fun and lovable daughter Amy Stewart. She’s always been a free spirit and so very different from me, which makes her so delightful! She will try anything and her sense of adventure is unending. She throws herself fully into everything she does. After not celebrating Thanksgiving together for so many years, she has created her own tradition including her many friends who are also “Family-less”! It’s not a surprise that she and JF hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday, starting with soccer warmups in the backyard, a football game in the park, warming up to mulled wine after and then a Fried vs Roasted Turkey Cook-Off. We were exhausted after dinner so we missed the bonfire and desserts and music! Thank you,Amy, for staying in town and making our first thanksgiving in Portland wonderful. (She even brought tears to my eyes setting her (my mom’s) dining room table with mom’s tablecloth, butter dish, song bird plates and antique gravy pitcher). I thank God for you everyday, and for allowing us to live close now. 💞

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One thought on “Hostess Amy

  1. Joan Watt

    Hi Jan, So great! I know you’re enjoying your kids more and more all the time! There’s nothing like spending time with your kids!! And your mom would be so thrilled that Amy treasures her dining room stuff! Our moms sure loved their dining room stuff!!

    We just spent 4 months in Connecticut with our son Brian, his wife and their new little boy, Alexander. Xander just turned 6 months. We babysat after Ivonne went back to work. It seemed like a tall order when we first started, but we’ve survived and love them all even more now than we did!! Lol!!

    This Monday we go back home! And the best part is that they’ve found new jobs in MI and are moving back home!!! We’re so excited!!! Now we’ll have 2 out of our 4 in Michigan!!! Lots more years of watching those grands grow and being a part of their lives!!!

    Greg, our son in the military who has been in California, just arrived with his family to his new assignment in Georgia, so now all our kids are in the same time zone! And they’ll all be home for Christmas!!! God sure has given this girl the desires of my heart!!! We’re so grateful!!!

    Well, have a Merry Christmas with your family!! So great to hear from you!! Love, Joan

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