Strength. Determination.Love…my girl!

January 2018

Yesterday, we celebrated the anniversary of our daughter’s entry into the world, where she showed us her strength and determination to come 3 weeks early on her brother’s 2nd birthday, fighting the odds….breach, back labored and early! Today, that same strength, motivation and determination saved a small dog’s life.

She was walking her dogs through a woods to the Sandy River where they’ve walked many times, and came upon a situation where a small dog had slipped off the 10-12 feet of ice along the shore into the river. The dog’s owner was already suffering hypothermia from trying to save the dog to no avail. Amy began hammering the ice with a large stick/small log for 20 some minutes trying to break a way. It didn’t look like it would break so she began pushing the ice away. Eventually, weakened by the hammering and pushing, it broke apart making way for the small dog to swim back to shore. Poor thing couldn’t stand up. Amy, along with some bystanders, wrapped him in jackets and began rubbing him to warm him. She told the owner to run back to the car and get it warmed up, as he was pretty much in shock and not thinking straight. Then she ran holding the dog back to the car. Her dogs, thankfully, did not venture out into the water – Blue watched wondering how he could help, and Koda just wanted to play with the stick!

Before she left, she saw the dog stand up in the car and shake it off! She said…mom, I could not watch a dog die. I had to save him! That’s my girl! And…lucky dog!

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